The majority of my commissioned and digital works encompass shooting in-country content. 

Kyoto and Osaka receive a huge number of travellers annually, many of whom wish to capture both cities' unique beauty and intrigue with professional quality images. They can be anything from travel candids for bloggers to fully staged pre/post wedding photos.

For pricing and other enquiries, please send a message via my 'contact' page.

2018 SALE

I will be leaving Japan at the beginning of 2019. As such, I've opened my books for one last round of photoshoots in Kyoto and Osaka. I'm available 7 days a week, but strongly advise you to avoid requesting weekend shoots due to overcrowding. As a matter of course, I always find locations that are lesser-known, meaning you can be photographed in a more authentic setting, without the crowds.

Post-production charges apply to all of my rates, but I am waiving them for the rest of 2018. This means you can book a photoshoot for as little as one hour, and only pay for that hour - the editing will be free. I'm offering this sale as I want everybody who visits Japan to have the chance to create these memories, on even the most modest budget. Whether you are a couple , a family, or traveling solo - all are welcome (including pets!).

Please note that only dates in October, November and December 2018 are available.

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