I started taking photos when I was 16, at punk and hardcore shows in Essex and London. At the time, I used disposable cameras. This was my mode of operation for the following few years. I hold a BA Hons in Media & Photography, although the process of studying photography an university left me disenfranchised and at a loss for inspiration.

I spent time living in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2013. I shot my entire stay on 35mm and found a renewed love for creating images and narratives. I moved to Japan in 2014 but did not engage in photography again fully until January 2016, after spontaneously purchasing a film compact. After developing my first roll of film from this (old) new camera (a Contax TVS2), my vision of Japan was realised - I had found a medium which created images that matched the true 'feeling' of my environment.

I still shoot for fun on a variety of film compacts and use digital formats when required for freelance and professional work - but 35mm is my medium of choice. I currently shoot mostly on a Contax G1 and Nikon F3, using Fujifilm and Kodak film stock.

I am in the process of creating a Kyoto City Guide and am putting together a photo-zine for 2017. I also run the SOTO blog, which contains content that will be included in the Kyoto City Guide, as well as interviews with expatriate creators, travel guides and photo stories.

I am available for Japan-based freelance work and will have prints available for purchase later this year. Please use my contact page for further enquiries.